Emu is a female cat born in March 2001. This is the first cat I adopted. She'll show patience and zen in weird positions, during rubbing of the belly and all kinds of teasing ;-)

Update of July 2006: I have piles of photos of her since Jan. 2004, but so many other fish to fry. (go home)

Miscellaneous pictures of the cat
First day at home, 08 May 2001
Emu at the office, 10 May 2001
Emu at home, 12 May 2001
Emu and Pichu at the Office, 15 May 2001
Learning the tree environment, 20 May 2001
Emu plays in/with a cardboard box, 28 May 2001
Near the bathtub, 13 Apr. 2002
Lazy Emu on our bed, 05 Dec. 2002
Emu vs. Hades, 04 Jan. 2003
Lazy evenings,  Jan., Feb., Apr. 2003
Emu in the garden, 18 Apr. 2003
Emu blessee, 22 Jan. 2004

Emu, May 2001
Emu, May 2001
Emu, May 2001
Emu, May 2001
Emu and Pichu, May 2001
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