Boston, Dec. 2004

EricP interviewing the "deep web" guy, Tim filming

Team Day

The video thing\214

Team Day

Gerald interviewing a guy, Tim filming\214

Team Day

Our rapper, Dean, Tim and a little bit of Olivier's nose\214

Team Day

The rapper and her little\214 son/brother

Team Day

A tree and some stuff ((c) Danbri)\214

Team Day

The Ray and Maria Stata Center

Team Day

Who is that faceless guy?

Team Day

Reflection of the Stata Centre in opposite glass building


Olivier lying a bit and holding my monkey


Olivier pretending to sleep and holding my monkey


Sailing Ship on a wall at Legal See Foods

Legal Sailing Ship Decoration

Amy on Danbri's bed

After a long day

Dan and Max looking tired (on top of being blurry)


"call 825-4000 La Bonne Semence Inc."

Bonne Semence

Lagrange Street (for Karl)

Lagrange St.

Koalie, 2004